November Affirmations for Peace

November has arrived, and the Fall is here.

With fall and holidays approaching sometimes our peace can be rattled with a seemingly growing list of responsibilities and things to do.

I encourage each one of us to take some time each day to rest, reflect, and focus on affirmations that will help us stay grounded in this season.

My deep well is found in the Lord, and from this well, I draw strength and centeredness.
I take time daily to pause and reflect and to be still and just be. My prayer is that these affirmations will bless you this November season.

Focus on one that draws you and speak it over yourself. You could choose several each day, all of them each day or just one. Whichever works best for you and feels good to you is key.

I also take moments to be in nature, and practice stretching and deep breathing. These things are so helpful and nourishing to the mind-body connection. They also feel so good! I put on some flameless LED candles like these and they lend such beauty to the atmosphere!


Vanessa xoxo

My strength is renewed and I soar to new heights. I run and do not get weary. I run and do not faint.

Everything is working out for my good. All is well.

I am crowned with lovingkindness and tender mercies.

I am blessed and goodness follows me.

I focus on things that are true, noble, good, and beautiful.

Great peace is upon me.

My heart is at peace. It is not troubled nor afraid.

Great things are coming my way.

My surround myself with peace and beauty.

God is my strong tower. I can run to the Lord and be safe.

I am full of peace. Peaceful thoughts and actions are with me.

I am blessed. My family is blessed. My friends are blessed. My community is blessed.

I am calm and focused.

I am wonderfully made with a purpose.

There is greatness inside of me.

I do not let negativity take a hold. I am peaceful and positive.

I can rest and relax, it is ok to take care of me.

I can grow and change at my pace.

I am well and beauty surrounds me.

I am healing, inside and out.

Great things are around me and great things are in me.

I am surrounded by the love of God.

I am radiating peace, joy, and love.

I attract beauty and blessings.

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