Vegan Buffalo “Wings”!!

Ok I have to confess. I would NEVER have believed these would be so good. I mean, they were fantastic, delicious, scrumptious. Do you hear me??? The bomb!

I love You Tube. You meet so many amazing people on there. Some of my favorite bloggers and vloggers are Saidah Washington of A Proverbs, Apron and Stilletos, and Passion to Profit Clique. Lisa Marie Goodson of The Black Berry Beauty, and Kara Maria Ananda who I am working with her training program. (More to come on that). Now I am adding two more to the mix. I found two vegan You Tubers that I love. Sweet Potato Soul and The Chic Natural. LOVE!

I have learned so much. One of the things I love is how intentional their food is. They really plan and pair things well. One of the recipes I loved was their vegan “chicken wings.” These wings are made of cauliflower and are oh-so-scrumptious.

My husband and I had a date night in. I made these and served up several sides and beverages to go with it. It was good.

Take a peek and enjoy!

Saludos y adios!

Vanessa xoxo

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