Surviving the Mommy Wars

Calling all moms!

Take a peek at my video and let’s vow to stop the Mommy Wars!What are the Mommy Wars? One day I heard some moms bickering and I thought to myself, “Wow this is like a Mommy War.” You know the deal, we see it everywhere. In Facebook and Twitter groups and threads, on blogs, in schools, in organizations moms one-upping each other on what their children do or what they do. These so called “experts” act as if they have all of the information but really no one has a manual on mommyhood. We are all works in progress. So many times I see women engaging in the Mommy Wars and really the best thing to do, in my opinion, is not to engage in them. Just bow out. Take a peek at my video and comment below to share your views! Have you experiencing the Mommy Wars? Let’s SURVIVE THE MOMMY WARS together!

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