A Timeless Love: You + God = Forever

How precious are His thoughts towards us…

Beaches are timeless. They remind me of God’s infinite power and his everlasting love. Know that you are loved with a love that never fails, never wanes, never ceases. God’s love encompasses, his strength holds you, his depths have no bottom. “How precious are your thoughts to me oh God! How vast is the sum of them. If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand.” Psalm 139:18

His love for us endures…

In this Psalm David is talking to God. David shows an intimate exchange where his heart truly loves God. I love the Psalms because they highlight so much about David ‘s life. We can relate to David because he had so many ups and downs, and yet his heart yearned for and loved God. David shows us how in times of triumph, God is there, in times of sadness, God is there. God thinks of us. I preached this sermon called, “A Love Like No Other.”

God loves us and thinks of us. God’s love thoughts toward us number more than the sand. There’s the obvious sand we see….but there’s also the sand we don’t see. Under the water, hidden in the grass, blowing through the air. Those are times we don’t even know about…and yet our creator thinks and cares about us. Our creator LOVES us. You matter. You are important. GOD sees YOU and loves you with an everlasting love that endures.

Be encouraged tonight.

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