God Has Your Back

In the twists and turns of life, we can be sure that one person is always on our side. That is God. No matter what, God is on the throne and is looking out for you. Just as God has done in the past, it will be the same today. You are not forgotten and you are not alone. You are loved with an eternal love that does not wither, fade or change. That is some good news today.


Vanessa xoxoxo

God’s love for you does not change, it is eternal love. God has your back.

Surviving the Mommy Wars

Calling all moms!

Take a peek at my video and let’s vow to stop the Mommy Wars!What are the Mommy Wars? One day I heard some moms bickering and I thought to myself, “Wow this is like a Mommy War.” You know the deal, we see it everywhere. In Facebook and Twitter groups and threads, on blogs, in schools, in organizations moms one-upping each other on what their children do or what they do. These so called “experts” act as if they have all of the information but really no one has a manual on mommyhood. We are all works in progress. So many times I see women engaging in the Mommy Wars and really the best thing to do, in my opinion, is not to engage in them. Just bow out. Take a peek at my video and comment below to share your views! Have you experiencing the Mommy Wars? Let’s SURVIVE THE MOMMY WARS together!

I would love to hear from you. Share with someone who could use this and let’s spread the word!

I am so glad that you dropped by!


Vanessa xoxo

Meet my Honey

Join me in my love for raw honey!

Lately I have been using raw honey and it has been so beneficial to us!

I absolutely love it!

Enjoy this video and comment below on your favorite uses for honey!




You are Beautiful Just as You Are

Hey ladies,

Hope your summer is going well. This is a post that came to me when I was resting in thought. I thought about how many times we as women are bombarded with messages. Some are good messages and some are not so great. We can choose to absorb these messages and internalize them or allow them to pass through. Sometimes it may not be so easy. Sometimes we may subconsciously compare ourselves to other women or to each other. We may feel as if we are not good enough or always having to strive to be more, do more, say more. However, as I was thinking about this, it also came to me that we are each like a flower. Beautiful in our own ways. Precious and treasured in our own ways. Let us not buy into the lie that we have to be x, y, or z. Let us be who we are, just as we are. You are beautiful just as you are. Embrace it today.

I would love to hear from you! How will you embrace this today or this week? Comment below and share with a friend!


You are Beautiful Just as You Are