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Get paid to teach ESL from home to students in Beijing, China with VIPKid!

Hi everybody! Looking for extra $$$? TEACH ESL FROM HOME!

VIPKID is looking for American English speakers to teach ESL over the internet to kids in Beijing, China.

Teach ESL from home with VIPKid

Teach ESL from home to students in Beijing China with VIPKid. You do not need a teaching credential! You only need a B.A. and about a year of working with children. They provide all of the lessons plans and the portal to teach on. All you need is a laptop, internet and simple headphones.

Here is my referral link to apply. Right now they are having a referral special where if you get hired on, you get a $25 bonus and I get a $25 bonus. Feel free to share this link with anyone you know. I am currently working with VIPkid part-time and it is a good company to work for. They are adding about a thousand teachers a month right now. They have about 100,000 active students signed up aged 5-12 years old, and they want to add more. Right now we have about 10,000 teachers.

They have 4 stars on GlassDoor and Kobe Bryant donated over a million dollars to it. Message me if you have questions, I can help give you tips for your interview! This works around your schedule, you can work as little or as often as you are able to. You CAN work your day job and work this too!

Vanessa Oden

Check out some links about the company:

My referral link:

Kobe Bryant talks about his investment in VIPKid

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VIPKID nabs $100M to link Chinese kids with native speakers to learn English

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